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12 seasonal and enchanting fruit and veg stories with a sound message, each story encourages the reader to share a value for the month. I have used these books in our Primary school and they have inspired us to start growing many of the 'character' fruit and vegetables. I would recommend every school has copies - they are inspirational.
Teaching Assistant, Shropshire

Mythree year old daughter absolutely adores the books! When she grows up she wants to be a pumpkin!
Parent, Kent

I read “Apple And The Copycat” to the year 1 class the day after I received it and they loved it. Thank you for such a lovely resource to use with the children.
Teacher, Hereford City

As a registered childminder of several children between 0-11, and a foodie myself, I was delighted when I discovered 'The Foodies Books'. Hopefully, with the help of these books and activities, I'm getting across a positive message to children about enjoying food. Children afraid of new tastes and textures have opened up to trying things, even if they don't always like them. Sometimes they even find things they like and want to cook at home - bonus! The message of local and seasonal goes well with our weekly delivery of local, organic greens. Also, the kitchen waste we create goes into our wormery, completing the cycle. We also talk about the things we can't grow and how importing such produce helps other countries. So this project can be delivered however you like and tied in with other topics too.
Childminder, Birmingham

My granddaughter, Poppy, loves your little books. She reads a new one on the first of every month and made the delicious rhubarb oatcakes for me. Yummy!

Grandparent, Herefordshire

Anything that encourages children to grow food, to get outside, to eat seasonal and local fruit and veg etc just has to be a good thing. Well written, the illustrations are fab and funky… The idea of recipes and info about the vegetable at the end of the book along with comments from children is great.
Moderator, online vegetable growing forum, Alford

Many thanks for sending me the book, it's delightful and my nutritionist colleagues were equally impressed, generating lots of ideas as to how it could be used.
Healthy Schools Co-ordinator, London

Great artwork, great fun. I would recommend any of these books to parents with young children.
Parent, Nottingham

The pictures are colourful and entertaining and the stories are easy to follow and help children understand how fruit and veg are grown and are good to eat. They're a good size and can easily be carried in mum's handbag to take on a journey to keep little ones entertained.
Parent, Herefordshire

These books are brilliant. They are child sized, durable and the stories and illustrations are fabulous. Apart from the lovely stories there are also healthy recipes which the children in our schools have loved using. Gardening tips, recipes, stories and gorgeous pictures as well as an author who is dedicated to the wellbeing of kids!
Healthy Schools Co-ordinator, Midlands

We have enjoyed sharing these on line and I have forwarded it on to various friends and family. My daughter was very impressed that Father Christmas delivered a set of the books in her stocking! We share the stories in my class at school and the children love them and now look forward to the next fruit or veg story at the start of each month! Parent/teacher, Herefordshire

Trying to encourage the kids at school by thinking environmentally, eating seasonally and the books were a great source of inspiration. The kids really liked them. Parent/teacher Sweden

My kids love these books and it's really cool to see them on youtube as well. Surely only a matter of time before we see these on Nick Jr? Parent, Shropshire





Excellent, really excellent! The seasonal theme combined with the fabulous illustration and a great story line; delivered with a subtle wintry warmth totally makes it work. Well done indeed! Parent, London

The children love the books and particularly liked the end section where they can get to use the fruit and vegetables involved in the story. Parent, Wolverhampton

"Just bought the foodies books. A must have for foodies with young children! Cannot recommend them highly enough." Moderator of




"I have really really enjoyed reading your first set of books over and over again all my friends and school have read them and every one has their favorite. My favourite is Pumpkin." Rosie, Herefordshire


"The set of your books has been a fantastic way for me and my grand-children not just to have fun with, but to enjoy learning about the foods we have grown together and taking us through how to enjoy eating them together"   Grandparent, Oxfordshire

Each school in the land should have a productive garden and these books are a superb way of inspiring young children to enjoy the sheer fun of growing your own.
Monty Don