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The Little Foodies Club

The Little Foodies Club is a perfect gift for the little foodie child in your life.

Like a magazine subscription, only better!

If you buy a Little Foodies Subscription for a child you love, they will receive a membership pack containing a certificate, badge and membership card. Then every month they will receive a pack through the post, addressed to them directly which contains:

- The Book of the Month
- A list of seasonal foods which will taste yummy that month
- A list of gardening jobs they can help with that month
- A colouring sheet of the star of the story
- A puzzle or quiz to complete
- A creative activity related to the theme of the book.

The Little Foodies Club is brilliant for spreading the excitement out through the year. Children look forward to the pack arriving and then can see how the contents relate to the foods they see in the garden or greengrocer's shop. Children always love getting their own post, and can do the activities and read the books throughout the month.

You can find the Little Foodies Club in our shop.