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10/01/2010 15:23:00

Hi everyone and a very happy 2010 to you all. It has been an odd start as I got back into the office on Monday and then have had children (and teacher husband) at home again all week - like the Christmas holidays never finished! Hope all is well with you all in the cold.


As I wrote in a previous piece, last year I spent a large part of the year on a big building project, which consumed a lot of my time. It is now complete (apart from an unfeasibly large heap of decorating) so I can get back on the case with your site.


So I wanted to ask you - what are you looking for on this site? If you could leave comments with your ideas I would be very grateful and it will help me shape the site more effectively. For example:

- what did you come here looking for / hoping to find?

- what could I add more of?

- what would be the most useful?

- have you found anything useful elsewhere that I could chase up and add?


I look for

ward to your ideas and thanks for bearing with me. On an average day I don't know who I am more like Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall, Joe Swift, or indeed Handy Andy! But I will certainly try my best to meet your needs!

Happy 2010!


05/02/2010 19:11:00 by moonrabbit

I've been looking for a good supplier of organic seeds, there's lots on the web but wondered if there were any you could recommend/have links too?

07/02/2010 10:43:00 by Moderator

Great question. I will look into compiling some lists of good suppliers of various things, including seeds.
In the meantime Victoriana Nursery who wrote the next blog piece do supply all kinds of seeds, and as they do a lot of work with children's gardening, would probably be good at advising which seeds work well when planting with children. You can click through to their site from the blog. Thanks.

10/12/2011 18:28:00 by Susan Black

Try looking at our range of small packets offering then you can get organic or heirloom seeds in small quantities from 50 pence as fresh is best every year but we also stock the bigger packets as do everybody else. We pride ourselves on next day or near next day delivery. The web site is new but we've been selling on ebay for 3 years. If you want something different just ask and we'll see want we can do.

All the best Sue or Nick

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