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11/06/2013 10:34:00

Our 10 Favourite Fun Looking Kids' Snack Ideas.

I've been spending a lot of time on Pinterest and other cool ideas sites lately and have found some absolute gems of ideas for fun looking snacks for children.

Here are my ten favourite ones of the last few weeks. They are all reasonably healthy (some of them are for sharing) and none of them require a degree in cake decorating, architecture or landscape gardening to achieve.

Try some out and tell me what you think. If you have found any really cool ones, let me know in the comments and I'll put them on the site.

Happy eating!

1 .Crocamole

I love this guacamole crocodile. What a great way to encourage children to dip some healthy carrot or celery sticks. This would be a portion big enough to share between two big kids or more little ones, depending on how many dipping items you provide. You could add some strips of wholemeal toast or crackers too if you want a bit of starch in there. The
recipe which goes with the picture on the website is a great healthy recipe as it packs in a bit of hummus and spinach leaves and blends them into the contents of the single avocado you have scraped out, but of course you could use any favourite guacamole recipe, or even some leftover shop bought dip with the avocado mashed into it. If you're not an olive eating household, you could use cheerios or a slice of red grape for the eyes.

2. Clementine snail

I love this because it's so very simple. A pair of scissors and a biro and anyone can make this in less than a minute and it looks so cool. I found it on
a blog post with other lunchbox recipes for snails, which you can find here if you want to continue the snail theme!

3. Fruit Peacock

This is a two to four person fruit snack but it looks really beautiful and is quite easy to assemble. You could use a bit of cheese for the legs and beak, or some carrot. To find the original recipe if you need help, click through from

4. Pear Bunnies

I found
this recipe at Easter but it would work for any time of year. I like that it doesn't only use a tiny bit of the fruit and chuck the rest away, like some recipes, but instead uses the different colours and textures of the pear for different parts of the bunnies. A couple of jelly beans and two marshmallows finish the decoration (but you could easily use raisins and pale cheese).

5. Rainbow Sticks

I found
this recipe on Pinterest and it is a perfect example of why clever doesn't have to be complicated. At heart it's a simple fruit kebab recipe, but using the colours in the order of the rainbow gives you lots of scope to learn colours, songs and poems over snack time. Or, if it's been a rough day, to not do any of those things and just chill knowing it's a couple of portions of fruit crammed in. Bonus.

6. Celery and Pretzel Butterflies

To be honest, I never really got the 'ants on a log' thing. I know a lot of people use it and it certainly is a balanced snack with peanut butter and raisins, but my kids didn't buy them being ants on a log at all. They just ate it and shrugged. But
THIS recipe with filled celery DOES actually look like butterflies, and again, really quick, just jamming in a few mini pretzels. You can fill with whatever you like. Go peanut butter if you want. Go on, rock and roll...

7. The Very Hungry Caterpillar Apple and Cheese Snack

An apple and some Babybel makes a great balanced snack. What makes it better? Being
shaped like the Very Hungry Caterpillar of course. How VERY VERY cool is that?

8. Lego Tray Bakes

Another very simple idea but which looks brill. The recipe uses brownies but you could do this on any traybake cake and it would look the same. The only vaguely tricky thing is to blending your food colouring to get the icing the same colour as the Smarties or M&Ms that you use. It came from
a blog post by Rindy Mae about a Lego themed party so if your kids are Lego mad you might want to check that out.

9. Carrot and Hummus Pot Snacks

I've seen quite a few things in mini terracotta pots, and lots of them are very effective but I think
this one from is my favourite because it's not relying on a sweet tooth. You can, of course, do a cheapo version in a plastic cup too. If you've got carrots actually growing in your garden and can use real thinned baby ones with their own leaves on you won't need to fake it with the parsley. I think you need to think through the carrot to hummus ratio - maybe use quite long carrots or provide extra things to dip with or you'll have a lot of hummus left over. Looks ace though.

10. Butterfly Snack Bags

Oh, the age old problem of fruit making crackers go soft, or one flavour overpowering another in the Tupperware. I mean, it's not a huge problem, not like whether the UN can legitimately allow supply of weapons to Syrian rebels or how to avoid peak oil. Nevertheless if it annoys you, TA DA! here's a solution (to the crackers, not the impending effects of climate change).
There are several versions of this knocking around Pinterest. I chose
this one because I can track it back to who made it (a blogger called Maria Hunt) but there are versions with crackers on one side and grapes on the other, cereal on one side and raisins on the other, all kinds of sweeties, and this one. Maria's clearly a very nice Mom because she has coloured in her pegs and used stick on googly eyes, but you can obviously just draw the eyes on if you don't have any.

Have you seen or tried any cool looking ideas? Let us know where to find them or send in your pics and we'll share them!

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