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January Book Of The Month

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January Book Of The Month

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January - Parsnip Meets A Snowman


Parsnip is delighted to wake up to a snow-covered veggie patch, and wastes no time playing with the snow.

But then he throws a snowball at what he thinks is a horrible monster!

Scared to bits, he runs to find Big Parsnip, but is reassured when he finds out it is only a snowman.

Parsnip then has the joy of making his very own Snow Parsnip.


Values Education Scheme Value linked to the story: Quality is using the best materials and doing our best with those materials.

Customer Reviews

"More parsnip!'' Cosmo age 2

"I liked this book because it was nice he thought it was a monster, but then he realises it's a snowman so he makes a snow parsnip." Elsie, aged 8

"Great fun. Scared parsnip is hilarious."  ReubenTT on youtube

"So cute and I've showed my god daughter. She thought it was brilliant ." ankhbeetle on youtube

"My nephew loved his parsnip book and will be building a snow parsnip when it snows again!"



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