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Little Foodies Club For Families, includes postage

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Little Foodies Club For Families, includes postage

Buy Little Foodies Club For Families, includes postage


The Little Foodies Club For Families

The Little Foodies Club was designed to spread the foodie fun throughout the year, using the seasonal theme of the books.

Like a magazine subscription, your child gets the excitement of having something through the post every month addressed to their name, except instead of a magazine they get a real book and some related activities through the post every month. This makes it a great gift for parents to share with their children, but also a brilliant gift for grandparents, aunts and uncles or godparents who don't live near to their special child and are not sure which toys and books they already have. This gift is special because they continue to receive it every month for a year.

My granddaughter, Poppy, loves your little books. She reads a new one on the first of every month and made the delicious rhubarb oatcakes for me. Yummy!
A. Syers-Gibson, Grandparent

When you sign up to the Little Foodies Club, the member child gets a certificate, metal badge and laminated membership card with a welcome letter in their first pack. You can tell us which month you would like the membership to start, to fit in with birthdays etc.

For a year after that they will be sent an envelope in the first few days of every month which contains the Foodies Books story of the month, and five other activity sheets. Your child will then be able to:
- read the story of the month
- find out what foods are yummy this month
- colour in a mini poster of the main veggie character this month
- carry out some little tasks in the veggie patch or help garden wildlife
- complete a puzzle or game featuring the book's characters
- carry out a craft or investigation activity linked to the theme of the story

"I can't recommend the foodies books enough, they are amazing.  Simple, great fun and educational without my 3 or 5 year old daughter noticing!  Receiving them through the post caused great excitement each month and gave time for each new book to be treasured."  A.Royle, parent.

If you have more than one child in your family you can order our Sibling Pack. With the sibling pack, you will receive an envelope addressed to two children instead. They will each get a membership certificate etc, and each month you will receive only one book to share but two copies of all the activities so no one is left out. The small extra cost covers the extra contents and the additional postage cost of the larger package. You can find the SIbling Pack next to this item in the shop.

Best find of the year!!!! a book for every month through the post for your little ones. my 3 year old just loves them, especially as they are all so seasonal and we live abroad. have bought more for my friends children ... a real hit!!!! review

The price of this package includes the postage and packing for the twelve monthly packages.

Please Note:
This package is sent directly to the child, therefore we use some personal details to make it special. After you order you will be sent an email confirming your order and asking you to confirm the name and address of the child the packs will be sent to, using the name you want to appear on their membership certificate and card. We also put a personal message in the welcome to say who the gift was from so we will ask you to give us the wording you want us to use. You will be able to confirm which month you want the welcome pack and first month of books to go out to the child. Once you have emailed back to tell us these details we'll get the packs set up. Please be assured that we never share adults' or children's details with anyone, and we never will, we don't believe in it and will keep your information safe.

You can of course add these activities to the free resources on this website to tie the books and games in with tasting, sequencing and modelling activities each month.



Buy Little Foodies Club For Families, includes postage