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Little Foodies Club for Childminders. Basic Pack.

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Little Foodies Club for Childminders. Basic Pack.

Buy Little Foodies Club for Childminders. Basic Pack.


The Little Foodies Club For Childminders

The Little Foodies Club was developed to help you deliver activities and games throughout the year, to accompany the seasonal stories.

For each month the children in your care can:
- read the story of the month with you
- find out what foods are yummy this month
- colour in a mini poster of the main veggie character this month
- carry out some little tasks in the veggie patch or help garden wildlife
- complete a puzzle or game featuring the book's characters
- carry out a craft or investigation activity linked to the theme of the story

What do you get with this Little Foodies Club Package?
- 1 box set of all 12 Foodies Books
- one each of the 60 different resources (5 per month) for you to do your planning, on 160gm paper so you can photocopy as many copies as you need for your group of children
- a guide on making the most of your resources and books
- a certificate for you to put in your portfolio to show you are delivering this programme
- the licence to photocopy the resources as many times as you want for any children that you care for - no need to renew each year as with some courses.

As a registered childminder of several children between 0-11, and a foodie myself, I was delighted when I discovered 'The Foodies Books'. Hopefully, with the help of these books and activities, I'm getting across a positive message to children about enjoying food. Children afraid of new tastes and textures have opened up to trying things, even if they don't always like them. Sometimes they even find things they like and want to cook at home - bonus! The message of local and seasonal goes well with our weekly delivery of local, organic greens. Also, the kitchen waste we create goes into our wormery, completing the cycle. We also talk about the things we can't grow and how importing such produce helps other countries. So this project can be delivered however you like and tied in with other topics too.
Childminder, Birmingham


What's the difference between this package and the standard package?
This package includes one set of the resources, for you to copy as you wish. This is better if you have fluctuating numbers of children taking part, and saves you money if you're prepared to do the copying as needed.
The Standard package is more expensive, but includes five printed sets of the resources to save your time copying, and it also includes passports, badges and certificates for the children. You can also buy additional kids packs. That pack is better if you have a small group pf regular children who will take part all year and you want to provide them with a more complete pack each.

You can of course add these activities to the free resources on this website to tie the books and games in with tasting, sequencing and modelling activities each month.








Buy Little Foodies Club for Childminders. Basic Pack.