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Daycare and Schools Standard package

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The Little Foodies Club for Daycare Settings and Schools

The Little Foodies Club was developed to help you deliver activities and games throughout the year, to accompany the seasonal stories.

The Standard Pack contains some extras for the children in your care to make the activities a bit more personal. Like the Basic Pack it includes resources and books, but also contains Children's Packs for 20 children (with top-ups available).

Each month the children in your care can:

- read the story of the month with you
- find out what foods are yummy this month
- carry out some little tasks in the veggie patch or help garden wildlife
- colour in a mini poster of the main veggie character this month
- complete a puzzle or game featuring the book's characters
- carry out a craft or investigation activity linked to the theme of the story

The pack includes a photocopy master set of these resources.

In addition you will receive a Children's Pack for 20 children - this includes their own certificate for taking part, a metal pin badge, and a passport. The passport leads them through the whole year, trying out new foods and new activities. If they complete all the items in the passport and send it back to us, we will send them a free gift as a reward.

If you have more than 20 children in your care and want to buy additional Children's Packs or Resource Sets, or if you want to run the scheme for more than one year and want to renew your resources you can purchase them separately. So you won't need to keep buying the books and guide every year. These add-on packs are only available to people who have bought a Little Foodies Club membership.

What do you get with this Little Foodies Club Package?
- One box set of all 12 Foodies Books
- One master copy of each of the 60 resources (5 per month). The resources are A5 format but are sent as A4 sheet with two copies of each resource to a sheet, on 160gm paper, so you can more easily photocopy as many copies as you need for your group of children
-  20 certificates for kids
- 20 badges
- 20 passports
- a guide on making the most of your resources and books
- a certificate for you to show you are delivering this programme

What's the difference between this package and the basic package?
This package is more expensive than the Basic Pack, but includes passports, badges and certificates for 20 children. It works out that you're getting the kids' packs at half price compared to buying 20 separate kids' packs. You can also buy additional individual kids' packs of your class is bigger than 20 kids.
The Basic Pack is cheaper but does not include any personalised elements for the children in the class.

You can of course add these activities to the free resources on this website to tie the books and games in with tasting, sequencing and modelling activities each month.




Buy Daycare and Schools Standard package