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'Thirsty Little Foodie' Tough Mug

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'Thirsty Little Foodie' Tough Mug

Buy 'Thirsty Little Foodie' Tough Mug


"Thirsty Little Foodie" Tough Mug

A lovely little plastic mug for children so they can feel grown up and you can relax.

This mug is:
- practically unbreakable - by which we mean you could probably break it if you smash it with a hammer or repeatedly bang it on a rock, but we have dropped our test mugs on a variety of floors and they have never budged so far.
microwaveable - so you can warm up some milk or juice inside the mug (although obviously be sensible about the temperature of anything you heat up and make sure the mug remains safe to hold).
- dishwashable - our test mugs have been put through the dishwasher over 100 times and have not lost their print.

The mug is white with a pumpkin print and orange lettering. The print is on both sides so children can look at the picture whether they hold their drinks with their left or right hand, so no spilling while they swivel the mug to look at the pumpkin!

Buy 'Thirsty Little Foodie' Tough Mug