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Seasonal Foods Colouring Book

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Seasonal Foods Colouring Book

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Seasonal Foods Colouring Book

The Foodies seasonal colouring book takes a child through the year with events and activities to colour as well as yummy foods.

Each month of the year includes some seasonal events, five seasonal foods, the Foodies character of the month and a seasonal scene.

Children can find out which foods are yummy in each month, and by pairing them with seasonal events they can begin to make associations between foods and the time of year when they are best eaten. For example children know that pumpkins are around at Halloween, but they can also connect strawberries with Wimbledon and school sports days, courgettes with their summer holidays, or going back to school or daycare with the juiciest sweetcorn.

There is a little introduction to seasonal foods at the beginning which explains what food seasons mean in a very child friendly way. There is also a key using flags, for children who are interested to find out which foods are UK grown or international foods (like exotic foods which have to be grown in hot countries).

The book is printed on thick quality paper so that pens, pencils or crayons can be used. It is spiral bound to allow you to fold it back completely flat (no more holding one page down with a glass of squash to stop it pinging up while you colour!).

The months are printed back to back in groups of four pages, so if you want to tear out this month's images to colour and stuff them in a handbag to take out to a restaurant to keep the kids amused, you can get a whole month out easily and just take those instead of the whole book. And if there is a really beautiful page you just have to stick onto the fridge, it will come out easily without wrecking the rest of the book.

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