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September Book Of The Month

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September Book Of The Month

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September - Blackberry's Sunbathing Day


Blackberry is very concerned that she will just never get enough sun to ripen and turn black.

Although she moves all over the garden to the best sunbathing spots, she keeps being thwarted by people getting in the way of the sun and shading her out.

Eventually she realises that she has managed to start to ripen and is beginning to turn a darker colour.


Values Education Scheme value linked to the story:Tolerance is accepting myself and others even when we make mistakes.

Customer Reviews

"My daughter was interested in the fact that blackberries go from red to black and that's the stage that they should be eaten. It's a fantastic idea that gets children interested in food and where it comes from." Mr T Hicks, parent, Wolverhampton

"My favourite bit is when Courgette said 'You have black spots on your back' and then Blackberry says HURRAH!" Elsie, aged 8.

"My 6 year old read it to my 3 year old who loved the story and pictures. They thought Blackberry was grumpy and silly for asking the tree to move! They liked the characters. We had a good discussion about tolerance, and that it is okay to be different." Mr M Phillis, Farmer Foggy

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