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What Are The Foodies Books?

What Are The Foodies Books?


What Are The Foodies Books?

The Foodies Books are a series of 12 illustrated stories for children aged under eight. The books are set in a veggie patch with a different story for each month of the year. In each story the fruit and vegetable characters are in season in the UK during that month. They are a gentle, fun way to get children more used to how basic British fruits and vegetables look and grow, and how the seasons affect our food. Each book also contains some factual information (written by children) and a seasonal recipe which your child can tackle with very little adult help.

My three year old daughter absolutely adores the books. When she grows up she wants to be a pumpkin!

The Foodies Books are used in thousands of pre-school childcare and school settings across the country, because as well as being fun to read, they contribute to a range of educational objectives.

The Foodies Books Stories:

Stories are written to be pleasing for an adult to read aloud to a pre-school child, AND;

They use a mix of simple and more taxing language to be accessible to early readers in infant school.

Selected words are emphasized to help children to identify key concepts.

Each book demonstrates a value from the Values Education System.

The Foodies Books recipes:

All recipes are checked against School Food Trust standards so practitioners can be confident to serve the results!

Ingredients in the recipes are all either seasonal produce or store cupboard items.

Recipes are designed to develop a hesitant child's palate without overwhelming them.

Recipes can predominantly be completed by a young child with few tasks needing adult help.

Recipes are easily achievable even when adult helpers only have minimal cooking skills themselves.

Recipes do not require expensive equipment or ingredients.

The Foodies Books resources:

The whiteboard book of the month is free to view in large format through the internet.

There are lots of activities to run alongside the books on this site for free, suitable for Foundation Stage and into early primary.

Activities can all stand alone practitioners can pick and choose to suit their planning and the needs of their group.

Food related activities can be repeated each month using different seasonal produce to build knowledge, confidence and skills.

Here are just a few examples of how practitioners are using the books to support their work:


The Foodies Books In Practice

12 seasonal and enchanting fruit and veg stories with a sound message, each story encourages the reader to share a value for the month. I have used these books in our Primary school and they have inspired us to start growing many of the 'character' fruit and vegetables. I would recommend every school has copies - they are inspirational.
Teaching Assistant, Shropshire







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