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Ice Mobiles

Ice Mobiles


Making Ice Mobiles


This lovely idea came from Dawn Isaac who writes the fab Little Green Fingers Blog.


An ice mobile freezes small interesting items to hang from a tree. It is a great activity for winter when the temperature is freezing outside during the night, although you can cheat with a freezer on any very cold winter day.




In the one in the picture, Dawn's children froze rosehips "and some glitter, because there's always room for a little bling".


To make them they used some foil cases leftover from mince pie munching into which the children placed some small, scavenged objects they found on a walk.


Then a piece of string should be laid with one end in the tin. If you have two or three small tins, you can lay a piece of string which dips into each of the three tins and 'strings' them together.

Fill the tins to the brim with water. Leave them outside overnight.


If the overnight temperature doesn't dip enough, you can leave them in the freezer instead.


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