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Blind Tasting Activity

Blind Tasting Activity


Blind Tasting Activity

We devised this activity to use a little fun and competition to distract from the natural fear of trying new foods.

Small groups of children try five bite size pieces of food. The game is that they are blindfolded (if they are comfortable with this) and they have to guess what they are tasting.

The children are given a strip of paper with five fruit and vegetable images as clues to help them guess what they are eating

The focus here has to be on comfortable adventurousness, on stretching children without fear to go a little further than they might have expected. The element of silliness in the blindfolds and the desire to get the guessing right can lead children to be more adventurous than when simply faced with a plate of food to try.

There are suggestions in the instructions about language to use and alternatives to full tasting for reticent children.

Here's the instructions if you think you might like to run this activity:


Tasting Activity How To Guide


Of course you can repeat this activity every month if you like with different seasonal foods!

Guessing Strips

January Foods

February Foods

March Foods

April Foods

May Foods

June Foods

July Foods

August Foods

September Foods

October Foods

November Foods

December Foods

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