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FAQs On Little Foodies Club

FAQs On Little Foodies Club


FAQs about Little Foodies Club.

What is the Little Foodies Club?
The Little Foodies Club is a one year, all year round membership club for children to extend their activities and really get into their food. It includes materials which you can't get anywhere else on our site.

What do you get in the Little Foodies Club?
Memberships are sent out over a whole year. So when you order a membership, the child it is for gets sent a membership pack (certificate, membership card, badge and letter) along with their first month's set. Then every month for eleven more months they are sent a pack direct to them and addresses to them. The packs contain the book of the month and some A5 sheets to extend their fun. They receive a list of fruits and vegetables which are in season in the UK during that month and so which are yummy to eat and they receive a list of gardening jobs in the veggie patch which they can help with if their family grows things. They receive a colouring page for the star fruit or vegetable that month, they also get a puzzle or game to complete on paper, like a jigsaw or a maze. And finally they get a longer activity related to the story which may involve craft or investigation, like sorting seeds, making a paper daffodil, or investigating the kitchen cupboards.

Why would I buy the Little Foodies Club rather than a set of books?
The main reason people choose the Foodies Club rather than the book set is that they like the idea of a child receiving something through the post every month. Children get excited when they get post addressed to them personally, and then when they open it they get a new book each month as well as things to do. Some people prefer to buy the books all in one go and have a bigger looking gift, but other people like the idea of the gift being spread over a whole year and making it last.

There seems to be more than one Little Foodies Club in your shop. What's the difference?
We offer different versions of the Little Foodies Club for different customers.
For families, we do a Family Pack which comes in the post to the child each month, with a book and activities, addressed to them.
For daycare settings and schools, we do a version with photocopiable master copies so that teachers or childcare workers can photocopy the right number of activities for the group they are working with each day. This is sent out in one pack to help with planning.
For childminders we offer a version with enough resources for 5 children, and add on packs if needed, because not all childminders have access to photocopiers. We send this out in one pack at the start of the year to help with planning.

I'm buying a membership as a gift. How will they know it's from me if it is sent to them direct?
When you buy a Little Foodies Club membership, the child is sent a membership kit with their first month's pack. This includes a certificate, a membership card, a badge and a letter. The letter introduces the club and tells them what is coming. The letter has a sentence in it which tells them who the membership is from and we can include any personalised wording that you like in that letter.
So we can say, for example "this membership is sent with lots of love from Nanny Smith" or "this membership is sent from your godparents Andy and Sara who are looking forward to eating some of the recipes with you".
When you order the set through the website, you will be sent a confirmation email which will ask you to confirm that we have the child's name and address correctly, when you want it to start, and what message you would like to put in. If we don't hear from you, we follow up to try to make sure we have something personalised to send to them before the next set goes out.

I'm buying a membership as a birthday present. Can I control which month the membership starts on so that they get it for their birthday?
Yes. We can start the membership on any month you want - either rushing out a late pack or holding the order until a future date.
Our packs generally go out the first week of the month. But if you order a membership later in the month and still want the child to get that month's pack so that it fits in with their birthday, you can just tell us when we send the confirmation email out.
So for example, if you order a membership on 15th May (after the May ones have gone out) for a child whose birthday is 22nd May, we will send out the email to confirm your order and ask your preferences and you can email back to say please can the first pack be the May pack and in time for 22nd May. If you want we will even write on the envelope "Birthday present, do not open until 22nd May".
Alternatively if you buy the membership in November, when you're online getting yourself organised with Christmas presents, and want to get ahead of yourself and buy presents for the grandchildren whose birthdays are in February, you can ask us to hold the first pack until February and we'll send it out then, and it will run from February to January.
Just let us know what will work for you and we'll always do our best to make it work for you.

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