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Paddling For Potatoes

Paddling For Potatoes


Paddling For Potatoes


Potatoes are a great crop to grow with children, because they are easy to grow and can be grown in a wide variety of containers as well as in the ground.

But when it comes to harvesting the potatoes, how creative can you really get? Well, Jo Watts, a childminder from Nottingham, came up with a novel way to bring lots of fun play into their potato harvest.

Jo and her children grew their potatoes in a tall potato bag, which can be bought from most gardening shops or mail order catalogues. But when it came to harvest time, instead of opening the bag or tipping on to a tarpaulin to harvest the potatoes, Jo had the great idea of turning the bag over into her paddling pool.




Then the children used trowels, buckets and spades and even ride on diggers to find all the potatoes!




This is a great way to make the most of the magic of finding fresh new potatoes in the clumps of soil and roots - like digging for treasure!



For more information and links on growing potatoes, click here

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