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Food A Fact Of Life Lesson Plans

Food A Fact Of Life Lesson Plans


Food A Fact Of Life Lesson Plans for 3-5 year olds

This is a lovely series of activities put together on the Food A Fact Of Life site.

The site is set up by the British Nutrition Foundation, which is a charity which provides generally extremely well framed information on food to the public, but also has strong links to the food industry, so please use your discretion.

There are lesson plans for all ages but here we are focussing on the lessons for 3-5 year olds.

Each of the lessons has a practitioner's guide on running the session, clear information and a free pdf with worksheets and information.

Each lesson includes a cooking activity and a classroom game as well as discussion, for example vegetable bingo, with cards provided on the pdf.

We particularly like that each lesson has a letter to print in the pdf to send home with the children. This tells their parents what they have been doing and encourages them to try some things out at home, for example a copy of the recipe to make again, or a chart to note down when children help to wash the vegetables etc.

The lessons are to be found at Food A Fact Of Life's website on the
3-5 year olds page.

The foods covered are:

Session 1 -
Super Smoothies

Session 2 -Toast

Session 3 - Delicious Dips and Dippers

Session 4 - Scrummy Scones

Session 5 - Perfect Plant Salad

Session 6 - Picturesque Pizza

Session 7 - Fabulous Fruit Salad

Session 8 - Great Green Soup

Session 9 - Pleasing Pasta

Session 10 - Brilliant Bread

Session 11 - Fantastic Fish





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