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Children's Food and Health


What is the connection between the food we give to our children and their health? At The Foodies, we believe that food and health are inseparable. Our ancestors have always known that food could be our fuel, our poison and our medicine, and until very recently we have had a very connected relationship with the food we eat. The evidence that food can help or hurt us is quite compelling and I have been adding information about this to the Grown Ups section in the resources files. ...

Dealing With Picky Eaters


Lots of children are really picky. How do we get them to try new foods? Most children have a natural suspicion of new foods - an evolutionary hangover which protects us against poisoning - and the vast majority of children will at some point in their life go through a stage of being picky, unadventurous or unwilling to try foods with an open mind. How long this phase lasts depends on the child's personality as much as on their environment, and some will hold out for longer and with more v...

Why Should Children Try Lots Of Different Foods?


Why should we get children to try lots of different foods? Our bodies have evolved over millions of years to eat and use a fantastic variety of foods to keep us alive and well - a much wider range of foods than most other species. Each type of food provides a different range of nutrients for our bodies and our big buzzing brains, and we need to ensure that our bodies continue to receive the full spectrum of materials they have evolved to need, in order to be well,...

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