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Ordering from outside the UK


FAQs about ordering outside the UK Can I buy your products if I live outside the UK? The Foodies is based in the UK and we ship from here. At the moment we don't have any distribution channels in other countries but we do post products from here to international customers. Obviously postage costs can be a problem so if you are interested in buying some books then email us with your country and zip code or town and ask us what the cost would be. We will always try t...

FAQs On Little Foodies Club

FAQs On Little Foodies Club


FAQs about Little Foodies Club. What is the Little Foodies Club? The Little Foodies Club is a one year, all year round membership club for children to extend their activities and really get into their food. It includes materials which you can't get anywhere else on our site. What do you get in the Little Foodies Club? Memberships are sent out over a whole year. So when you order a membership, the child it is for gets sent a membership pack (certificate, m...

Ordering books or other products

Ordering books or other products


FAQs about ordering our products You may have some questions about ordering our products, we have tried to answer them below, but if not please email us at How much do the books cost? The books are £1.99 each for single books, and £20.00 for a set of all twelve months of the year. We do offer wholesale prices for large bulk orders, please see questions about bulk orders below. How quickly will my order arri...

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