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Free printables for the books

Here are all the free resources which accompany The Foodies Books.

  •  Activities linked to the story themes
  •  Seasonal food related activities

Story / Theme Related Activities & Games

Three or four individual and small group activities for each story. Self esteem, reflections, illness, weather, measuring, truth, manners and more... These activities will get children to explore the stories and have fun!

Food Tasting Game

This activity can be done every month with different seasonal foods. It uses some fun and competition to distract children from their perfectly natural fear of trying new foods. It encourages children to touch and smell foods, describe foods and think about their taste and texture.

Growing Sequencing Game

This activity can be done every month with a different plant.   Part of understanding your food is grasping the fact that all food is grown, born or made in some way before it reaches your plate. These sequencing activities require children to work out how fruits and vegetables grow from a seed, cutting or root to harvest.

Food Modelling Game

A first step in reducing fear of new foods is building familiarity - seeing, touching, smelling as well as tasting foods.  This activity uses playdough or saltdough modelling to encourage children to observe, touch and explore fruits and vegetables with any apprehension of being made to eat them removed so they can relax.

Yummy Plate Game

This paper plate activity helps children to build a healthy but yummy plate of food for themselves. It is easier for child to visualise food on a plate than in pyramids or groups, and they can see how much of a plate should have veggies, or meats, potatoes or rice on it.