cover image of activities about butterflies

Here are three activities about butterflies. Children are enchanted by butterflies because they are so beautiful and fragile and they can FLY! Add in the fact that they develop from eggs and caterpillars, and they make for a fascinating topic.

In Lettuce And The Butterfly, Pea has seen a butterfly and Lettuce really wants to see one too. Her adventure to find one brings her to discover lots of things which aren't butterflies, but have things in common with them. By the end of the story she has worked out all of the descriptions of a butterfly and even manages to find one by accident.

Worksheet for Butterfly Activities

There are three fun activities to engage children about butterflies. One is a short and fun activity to try to eat like a butterfly with a curly tongue, one is an exploration of the life cycle of a butterfly, and one is a longer project to plant a butterfly haven and observe them over many weeks to come.

You can download the printable with the activities here.

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