cover image of A cartoon tomato is crashing into a strawberry and upsetting them

Here are three activities about kindness and politeness which will work in family or group settings, to encourage children to understand why kindness and manners make life better for everyone, including themselves.

In Tomato Says Sorry, Tomato doesn't mean to hurt or upset people, but he does. But what really bothers them is that he won't say sorry.  During the story he learns the value of an apology for both the hurt person and the one who hurt them. This story helps children to understand why kindness and politeness are actually really important for a society to get along together.

Screen capture of a pdf printable of games about being kind and polite

The three games encourage children to practice kindness and politeness. One is a pretend dinner party to practice their skills, one is a storyboarding game to make up a story where someone is kind using story prompts, and one is an observation game to find manners and kindness in other people.

You can download the printable with the games here.

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