cover image for activities about problem solving with a panicking pear

Here are three activities about problem solving for kids. Young children can get very anxious when things go wrong. Over time it is really important for them to learn how to cope with those anxious feelings and to stay calm and think of what to do next. 

In Pear And The Lost Leaf, Pear flies into a panic when she realises that she has lost the leaf from the top of her head. Her friends help her to calm down and go looking for the leaf. Then, when it can't be found, they come up with a way to make her a new one, which solves her problem.

worksheet of activities about problem solving for kids

These are three fun activities about problem solving which help children learn how to stay calm and think things through. One activity helps them to explore what panicky feelings can do and how they don't help us to solve problems, and the other two games help them to explore how to solve problems and see some good examples.

You can download the printable with the activities here.

Activities About Problem Solving For Kids