cover art for activities about skills and abilities

Here are three activities about skills and abilities, which will help children to understand that everyone is special and has skills and abilities that other people don't have. We are all a unique mix, and these activities help children explore their own special mix.

In Pumpkin Feels Lonely, Pumpkin feel left out because he can't do what the other vegetables do. He tries to do what the others are doing so that he can join in but he is not made the same way. But then he finds something that he is good at, and others want to join in with him.

image of a worksheet on skills and abilities

There are three fun activities about skills and abilities, which encourage children to work out that everyone has attributes which are different to each other and that this is a good thing. One activity uses an Olympics of silly skills, one looks at animal strengths and skills and one helps them explore their own mixture of skills and be proud of them.

You can download the printable with the activities here.

Activities About Skills And Abilities For Kids