Here are four activities about snow and ice to do with young children. Snow and ice are incredibly intriguing to children. Even if you don't live in a place where it snows, the idea of snow is exciting and these activities can be done at home or in a classroom.

In Parsnip Meets A Snowman, Parsnip is very excited because he has never seen snow before. He really enjoys exploring it and playing with it, and is very scared when he meets a snowman. But then he has great fun creating his own snow parsnip.

Worksheet for Activities About Snow and Ice

There are four fun activities about snow and ice. One has two ways to explore melting, one combines kitchen skills and snow to make a snowman sandwich, one is a craft activity making snowflakes, and one looks at matching patterns and using memory in a snowflake game.

You can download the printable with the activities here.

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