Cover art for activities about sun safety with a sunbathing blackberry

Here are three activities about sun safety, to help young children to understand how we can enjoy the sunshine but still keep ourselves safe from overexposure or burning.

In Blackberry's Sunbathing Day, Blackberry is constantly trying to get some sunshine. This is because blackberries, like many other fruits, need exposure to sun in order to get ripe. The story shows children all the ways that we can keep out of the sun, by showing us all the things which get in the way of Blackberry's sunbathing day!

image of a worksheet of sun safety activities for children

There are four fun activities, one encourages children to talk about which people and things are healthy spending time in the sun, and which need to be more careful. There is a fun dressing up activity, an activity about staying hydrated in the sun and another one which shows how the sun can damage things which are left in it for a long time.

You can download the printable with the activities here.

Activities About Sun Safety for Kids