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Here are three activities about telling the truth and telling lies. It helps children to understand what it means to tell the truth, by using fun games to explore making up stories and checking facts.

In Cabbage's New Friend , Albert the mouse lets Cabbage take the blame for a mess he made. However when he realises he has caused a problem he tells the truth to Big Cabbage, who makes him tidy up, but lets him stay and play. Children learn that if you tell the truth, there may still be consequences of your actions, but telling the truth is important and positive in its own right

Worksheet for Telling The Truth Activities

There are three fun activities about telling the truth. One game is for small groups to try to guess who is hiding something, one explores facts and how to find evidence to see if something is true or not, and one is a spin on a truth and lies game to help children get to know each other

You can download the printable with the activities here.

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