cover image of activities about the weather

Here are three activities about the weather. The activities work over time to measure and observe changes in weather to encourage children to use their observation skills and describe what they see.

In Leek's Rainy Day, Leek spends a long time trying to get out of the rain, because he doesn't like getting wet. But while he is trying to find a dry spot, he sees lots of people having fun in the rain. The weather can change a lot but the changes make life interesting and children, just like the veggies, can play in most types of weather.

Worksheet for Weather Activities

There are three fun activities about the weather. One activity makes a weather monitor so children can use their observation skills, one is an indoor experiment to make a cloud with ice, and one is making a rain gauge to see how we can measure some parts of the weather.

You can download the printable with the activities here.

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