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Food Tasting Game

This food tasting game aims to:

  • Use a little fun and competition to distract from the natural fear of trying new foods.
  • Encourage children to taste and smell foods.
  • Get children to describe foods and think about their taste and texture.

Resources needed:

  • Piece of cloth or scarf for each child to use as a blindfold.
  • Printed checklist for this month's foods for each child (see below).
  • A pencil for each child.
  • Bite size pieces of this month's foods, enough for one for each child, plus a few spares.
  • Instructions.

Free printables for this activity:

    Food Tasting Game Instructions

 Adjectives To        Describe Foods

To help children to describe foods beyond 'yucky' and 'yummy' you can use the downloadable list above to get them focussing on HOW food tastes rather than just whether they initially like it or not.

You can find another longer list of food adjectives (including a useful sub-list of words for when a child really wants to just say something meaning yummy rather than describe the flavour), at this blog post from Hybrid Rasta Mama.

 Food Tasting Strip     January Foods

 Food Tasting Strip    February Foods

 Food Tasting Strip      March Foods

 Food Tasting Strip        April Foods

 Food Tasting Strip        May Foods

 Food Tasting Strip       June Foods

 Food Tasting Strip       July Foods

 Food Tasting Strip     August Foods

 Food Tasting Strip  September Foods

 Food Tasting Strip   October Foods

 Food Tasting Strip   November Foods

 Food Tasting Strip   December Foods