Cover image of a baby courgette is trying to measure himself with string

Here are three measuring activities, which will enable children to understand measurements and how to measure things when they are not confident with number or don't know how to use a ruler.

In Courgette Wants To Be Big, Courgette is still quite small, and although he is growing fast every day, he keeps comparing himself to the other, bigger courgettes and marrows and really wants to grow as fast as possible. He is taking suggestions on how to grow and measuring himself. Young children are often focused on growing because they look up to older children and their independence and age can be tied up in their heads by "being big".

Image of a worksheet of measuring activities

These three activities practice measuring in different ways. One allows children to measure things using objects other than rulers, one investigates the idea of "bigger than" and "smaller than". And the last activity moves their attention away from height as the only metric of their body and gets them to explore other ways to measure their own body.

You can download the printable with the activities here.

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