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Story / Theme Based Activities and Games

For each of the books, there are some activities and games which explore the story or moral of each story.

January - Snow and Ice

Snow and Ice Activities

In Parsnip Meets A Snowman, Parsnip is filled with fear and wonder at the snowman. Children love snow and ice and it is a good chance to investigate and play with snow and ice themes in these four games.

February - Telling The Truth

Telling the Truth Activities

In Cabbage's New Friend, Albert the Mouse finds out that others can suffer if you don't own up to your mistakes, and learns to tell the truth. We have three fun games exploring truth and lies.

March - All About The Weather

Weather   Activities

In Leek's Rainy Day, Leek gets really fed up as the rain won't stop coming! Learn about the weather and measure how much rain you are getting with our three weather related games.

April - Illness and Wellness

Illness & Wellness Activities

In Rhubarb Has A Cold, Rhubarb feels ill but doesn't want to miss out. These three games look at what we can do to improve our health, and take care of ourselves when we feel poorly.

May - All About Butterflies

Butterflies Activities

In Lettuce And The Butterfly, Lettuce has to find out lots of facts about how butterflies look, in order to find one. These three activities help you find out more about how butterflies live and eat.

June - All About Birthdays

Birthday  Activities

In Strawberry's Surprise, Strawberry is so upset when she thinks no one has remembered her birthday. These three games are really fun ways to explore differnt aspects of birthday celebrations.

July - Kindness & Politeness

image of book cover Tomato Says Sorry

Kindness & Politeness Activities

In Tomato Says Sorry, Tomato initially upsets a lot of people because he won't say sorry. These three games encourage children to understand why manners and kindness make life better for everyone.

August - All About Measuring

Measuring Activities

In Courgette Wants To Be Big, Baby Courgette becomes a little obsessed with measuring his growth. We have three games to learn about different ways we can measure things.

September - Sun Safety

Sun Safety Activities

In Blackberry's Sunbathing Day, Blackberry is desperate to ripen in the sun. These four games are a good chance to teach children why humans have to be careful with the sunshine.

October - Skills & Abilities

Skills & Abilities Activities

In Pumpkin Feels Lonely, Pumpkin finds out that everyone has skills or abilities which are special. These three games help children to find out what skills and abilities they have too.

November - Problem Solving

Problem Solving Activities

In Pear And The Lost Leaf, Pear and her friends have to try to solve a problem. Problem solving is a good life skill. Here are some activities to help children learn what problem solving is and how they can use it.

December - All About Reflections

Reflections Activities

In Apple And The Copycat, Apple finds out all about reflections and mirrors. These three games help children explore what reflections are, and where you can find them.