image of some valentine toast with jam in heart shaped cut hole, recipe for kids to make

Children often like to join in with Valentine's Day fun, making cards and buying treats. But a lot of recipes for Valentine's Day involve hot ingredients and adult supervision, which makes it hard for them to make a special treat for a family member. This simple Valentine's Day Love Toast can be done by a child by themselves and they can give it to someone they love!



Red jam




Butter knife

Heart shaped cookie cutter


Instructions for children

Put the bread in the toaster and wait until it pops up.

Don't touch the toast when it first pops up. It will be too hot. Count to 20 and then see if you can pick it up. Ask an adult if you need help to get the toast our of the toaster.

Put it on the plate or a bread board.

split frame, one image showing jam, bread, butter and a cookie cutter, and one showing toast being put into a toaster

Butter your bread, using your butter knife. Try to get butter all over the bread. this might take a bit of practice

hand spreading butter onto toast

Place your heart shaped cutter carefully in the middle of your toast. Press down hard until you can feel that the cutter is touching the plate or board. Wiggle it about a bit, be gentle, don't tear the toast. If you make a mistake, don't worry too much, just make some more toast and try again.

Take the cutter off the toast and pull the toast heart out really gently. If it is a little bit stuck in places, use your finger and thumb to tug it loose. Take the heart out of the toast.

Split image of hands pressing cookie cutter into toast, and second picture of toast with cutter section removed and placed to one side

Spread some of your jam onto the little heart you removed.

image of hand spreading red jam onto a heart made out of toast

Put the rest of the toast onto a plate, placing it nicely in the middle.

With a teaspoon, dollop some jam into the hole in the middle.

Use the back of your spoon to slowly and carefully spread the jam around inside the heart shape. Use your other hand to keep the toast still so it doesn't slide about. You will probably need two spoonfuls, so spread some around, then add another spoon and spread that around, until you can't see the plate through the jam anymore. You should be swirling it gently, you won't need to press down.

grid of four images of toast with a heart shaped hole cut out of the middle, and hands dropping spoons of jam into the hole and spreading them all over the plate showing through the hole

Put the little heart neatly on the side of the plate so it looks pretty.

Give this Valentine's Day Love Heart Toast to someone you really love for Valentine's breakfast.

And maybe that person is YOU!!

image of valentine toast (with jammy heart) on an orange backdrop
Valentine’s Day Love Toast
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