cover image for a round up of 9 recipes for halloween that kids can make
There are lots of really cool looking Halloween foods on Pinterest this time of year, but what about if you want your child to help with the cooking and to want to try eating some of it? Here is a round up of some of the best examples we have found for Halloween recipes that kids can actually make, or at least help to make. They are all on other sites, so click through for the instructions on any that you like (all the images are from their sites). All of these recipes either use in season or storecupboard foods.
image of two hot dog and puff pastry halloween mummies

There are lots of versions of these cool pastry and sausage mummies around but we really like this one from Yummy Healthy Easy.

image of a ghost nutella wrap from cute food for kids

Kids can have fun making their own chosen face with only a normal dinner knife in this clever breakfast from Cute Food For Kids. You can adapt it with different fillings to suit.

novelty food image of banana choc chip ghosts and peeled tangerines made to look like pumpkins from Weelicious

Love these simple fruity ideas which even very young children can help with, from Weelicious. There are some easy peelers starting to come into season now, and bananas are available all year around.

novelty food image of denture made from apple slices, marshmallows and nut butter from Campfire Marshmallows

This snack is a classic, use any nut butter or jam or spread that you like. This version is from Campfire Marshmallows

novelty foods image of spider cookies made with reeses cups from

This is a really brilliant project which is definitely suitable for little fingers from SheSaved.

novelty food image of sweet potato sliced like lanterns for halloween from

Children with a little practice at knife skills will be able to carve these faces into sweet potato (if adults make the slices) and they look really cool. From Simply Jillicious

novelty food image of pasta and meatballs that look like eyeballs from Delish

Involve the kids as much or as little as you like in the making of the pasta, sauce and meatballs, but they can definitely put the cheese and olives on top of the "eyeballs". Great fun main meal idea from Delish

novelty food hot dogs made to look like severed fingers from Salty Canary

This is not advertised as a recipe that children can make, but they definitely can if you do some alongside them to copy. They could use a toothpick rather than a knife to scrape the lines out, as they are less likely to cut all the way through. A brilliant and genuinely spooky recipe from Salty Canary

novelty food peppers cut like jack o'lanterns with spaghetti inside from Healthful Pursuit

There are lots of different "peppers as lanterns" ideas out there but I like this one with spaghetti falling out of the holes because it looks really gross and kids love gross! If a grown pokes the starter holes in each location, children with decent scissor skills can cut the holes with small kitchen scissors. They can pull the seeds and pith out with their fingers too as their hands are small. They will enjoy piling the spaghetti in and pulling a few bits through the holes. Can either be eaten with the peppers still crunchy, or popped in the oven for ten minutes to cook a bit - don't leave too long or they tend to collapse. Great recipe here from Healthful Pursuit

Halloween Recipes That Kids Can Make