image of a plate of courgette fritters

Children can have fun making these tasty cheesy courgette fritters. They are delicious for breakfast, in a burger bun for lunch, or with potato wedges and salad for dinner!

If you are in a dairy free house you can omit the cheese and add nutritional yeast instead. And they work well with gluten free flours or with vegan egg replacement or flax eggs, so this is a recipe everyone can adapt.


2 medium courgettes

2 eggs

Plain flour (about 8 tablespoons

Cheddar cheese (about 100g) or 2-3 tablespoons nutritional yeast

Butter (or fat of your choice) for frying


Big bowl for mixture and small bowl for beating eggs

Clean thin weave teatowel

Grater and board or plate to grate onto

Fork for beating eggs


Frying pan


Chair or stool (to stand or kneel safely at stove if needed)

Instructions for children:

Grate the courgettes, be careful with your fingers, especially near the ends of the courgette.

Put the grated courgettes into the middle of a clean tea towel and then pick up all of the corners and lift them into a bunch. Make a sort of parcel out of the towel and grip it with your hands. Look at the video below if you need to.

Hold the ball of cloth over a bowl and SQUEEZE to get as much liquid out of it as possible. It is sometimes easier if a grown up holds the whole cloth and you use your hands to squeeze it, bit by bit. If you still find this tricky you can also try picking up handfuls of courgette and squeezing them over a bowl to catch the water. Put the squeezed bits in to a different bowl. Have a look at the video for both ways of doing it. 

Put the squeezed courgette into a big bowl.

Grate the cheese. Be careful with your fingers. 

Add the cheese in with the courgettes and stir it together.

Crack two eggs over a little bowl and beat them with a fork.

Add the eggs to the bowl of cheese and courgettes and mix them in.

Add the eight tablespoons of flour, counting them out loud.They should be big rounded spoonfuls, not half full spoons.

Stir everything together. Add salt and pepper if you like.

A grown up should heat a pan to medium and add a little oil or butter.

With a grown up, drop in spoonfuls of mixture and watch them frying for a few minutes. It is usually best for you to stand or kneel on a stool for this so that your face is higher than the pan and the hot oil can't spit at you.

With a grown up, carefully flip them over, making sure to flip them AWAY from you so that any oil splashes away from you.

When they are golden on both sides, put them somewhere to keep warm while you do the rest.

Grown ups and adventurous children might really like some chilli dip on the side.

These freeze really well so you can make lots when courgettes are in season and keep them for another week.

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