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Children can have fun making these simple VE Day fruit skewers to celebrate Victory in Europe Day, or the day that the Second World War ended in Europe, which was on the 8th May 1945. It can form a part of activities about wartime food, flags, street celebrations or any other red, white and blue celebration (why not American Independence Day on July 4th, for example?)

Using alternating red fruit, blueberries and white marshmallow, they can recreate the colours of the Union Jack flag.


Per skewer:

2 medium strawberries (or 3 small ones)

3 blueberries

3 marshmallows



Knife and board for slicing strawberries

Image some fruit skewers on a white background, using red white and blue ingredients, from a blog about making VE Day fruit skewers with kids

Instructions for children

Hull the strawberries

First take the "hulls" out of the strawberries. These are the white bits which sit under the stalks and they can be a bit tough to eat and hard for the skewer to go through.

If your strawberries are really small you won't need to do this.

If they are medium sized you will probably be able to pinch them out with your finger and thumb. Or use the handle on a teaspoon to scoop them out.

If your strawberries are very large, you might need help from a grown up to take the hull out with a knife.   Or you may wish to cut them in half. Ask a grown up to help or watch you to cut the berry safely.

Thread the skewer

Push a skewer up the middle of a blueberry, going in where the stalk used to be, like you are threading a bead. This is less likely to fall apart, but if it does, don't worry, just get another one and try again. Try to hold the berry gently while you push the skewer. Always push the skewer away from your hand, never towards it. If you're not sure, put the berry down on a cutting board and poke skewer down into the berry, then pick it up and slide it down the skewer.

Then add a marshmallow, threading the same way.

Then add a strawberry.

Carry on being careful not to poke your hand and use the board if needed.

Repeat this pattern two more times.


If you can only find small marshmallows, you can still make this skewer but consider using firm raspberrries instead of strawberries as then all the items will be similar in size.

You can also make these smaller ones on large toothpicks!

Follow on ideas

Maybe you want to go the whole hog and have a VE Day themed party? If so, here are some great ideas for other foods you can serve, a lot of which are very child friendly.  

After your children have enjoyed making the VE Day fruit skewers, why not try other kebabs? Roasted vegetables, meat or halloumi cheese with veggies, and other fruits are all good choices. Here is a cute video of children from Half Pint Cooking making rainbow fruit kebabs:

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