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Using seasonality to build food familiarity.

Encouraging kids to like vegetables.

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Newest resources

to help kids to eat vegetables

Are you in the right place?

Don't want to waste your time! This is who this site is for...

You're a parent who wants your child to have a good relationship with food.  Maybe your child:
  • is a bit picky or hesitant with food
  • is really interested in gardening
  • eats ok but is not keen on veggies
  • loves cooking and baking things
You're a teacher or childcare pro who wants to get it right around food.   Maybe you:
  • worry about getting stuff wrong
  • get scared doing cooking in groups
  • find gardening with kids scary
  • love it, but not confident teaching it
You're a grandparent, aunty/uncle, family friend and want to be helpful. Maybe you:
  • want to pass on your love for food
  • don't want to step on parents' toes
  • like giving cool gifts, doing fun stuff
  • want to help in a pressure free way

You want to help kids to eat vegetables and accept them, but you know it goes beyond that to a positive lifelong relationship with food. 

(But also, honestly, if you could help kids to eat vegetables without a battle that would be a really good start and a weight off your mind!)

You're welcome here!


Five Things To Remember

When Sowing Seeds With Children

If you're nervous to try, download our free guide to help make it a success.

Help kids to eat vegetables

In the Kitchen this Month

Image of two children who are Little Foodies Club members, they are holding their veggie related colouring in the air and laughing.

Can we help?

There are three main ways that The Foodies helps parents and educators to enable kids to explore food, support children to eat vegetables without constant mealtime stress, and begin to build a positive relationship with food for life.

Useful Free Information

Read recipes and how to guides, watch our videos and courses or listen to experts on the podcast, for some new ideas. Or sign up for resource updates via email.

Gifts and Products

Check out our books, activities and food play memberships to help a child in your life to explore and taste new foods. For families, schools and childcare settings.

Workshops and content

I offer individualised workshops for school and education settings, sessions for conferences and training events, and content for memberships or podcasts.

How we help kids to eat vegetables

Our Best Selling Products

The Foodies Books Monthly Veg Tales

A story, set in a veggie patch for each month of the year, with all the characters and weather in season. Food facts and a recipe in every book! 

The Little Foodies Club - Explorers

Boxes of food exploration fun through the post every month for up to a year. Five fruit or veg to explore and try, recipes to cook and seeds to sow.

The Little Foodies Club - Classic Mini

Our longest selling postal membership, a mini version of the Explorers Club, with a book, foods to taste, garden jobs and some colouring & puzzles.

Hello! I'm Joanne, 

I created The Foodies Books over 17 years ago when my own kids were little. I'd been growing veggies in our little front garden and wanted to share the joy my kids got from planting and harvesting. 

My background is in Early Years, school food, and family support work. I've been growing food at home and in schools for over twenty years now. More than 40,000 books and loads of freebies have winged their way to schools, daycare settings, childminders and families. 

I genuinely love sharing achievable and practical ways to make parents' lives easier and build children's confidence with food.

I'd love to hear from you, please drop me an email, or a DM on social media. I will reply!

Our books help kids to eat vegetables

What are The Foodies Books?

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On the podcast

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Help kids to eat vegetables with The Foodies

People we have helped

I can't recommend the Foodies Books enough, they are amazing. Simple, great fun and educational without my 3 or 5 year old daughters noticing!  Receiving them through the post caused great excitement each month and gave time for each new book to be treasured.

Amanda R

I have a very fussy 10 year old who attends but I challenged her at the start of the year to try something new each month and she is doing really well. She has discovered ''new'' foods and is now prepared to try almost anything. Her 4 year old brother now shows signs of being less fussy too. A great result all round!

Doreen M

I have 4 year old twins who were anti vegetables like it was a religion; but their minds were changed when we got to know vegetables together as a family through these amazing little books. Being able to connect the vegetable adventure to the time of year has been amazing for my girls.


You too can encourage kids to like vegetables! Check out our helpful resources and products.

In the Garden this Month

Encouraging kids to like vegetables


Five Things To Remember

When Sowing Seeds With Children

If you're nervous to try, download our free guide to help make it a success.